Product specifications

The cultivation of horticultural plants has become a highly specialized and intensive activity. As a result of growing demand for better quality, producers and nurseries require a better quality of the base material.

The demand for different types of seeds and more information on quality has increased strongly with a positive influence on the emergence and the number of plants required.

The seed is a natural product. Variable environmental conditions in turn influence the final results. Therefore, it is sometimes not possible to give detailed information about the emergence of the seed or its physical characteristics. To satisfy the wishes of the customers as much as possible, AGRISET has established quality standards for the different seed categories.

The aforementioned germination percentages are the minimum data required by AGRISET and are based on ISTA methods and tolerances. The figure indicative of germinative power corresponds to the moment of delivery.

* European Seed Association

“Always growing together”


Set of phenomena by which the embryo contained in a seed recovers its vital activity to give rise to a seedling.
The percentages and germination data refer to the ISTA (International Seed Testing Associaton) standards and are applied and valid from the moment of delivery.

Varietal purity:

Parameter of quality of the seed that certifies that it belongs to the desired species and cultivar, assuring in the sample its presence and not that of others, or of mixtures of different cultivars.