Calabaza F1 Sanibel

80 days

Bright orange

Productive and uniform

Calabaza F1 Tivano

Early variety

Dirty white

Very good storage capacity in abundant production

Pumpkin Madero F1

55 y 60 days

Bright orange

High performance

Calabaza F1 Sanibel

Sanibel F1 is an early pumpkin, approximately 80 days, 1-1.2 Kg; productive and uniform; Mold tolerant

Pumpkin F1 Tivano

Early variety, very pleasant fruits, homogeneous portions. Average fruit weight: 0.8 to 1.2 kg. Fine skin of a beautiful dirty white color
Delicious sweet and buttery taste. Very good storage capacity in abundant production. Homogeneous, semi-posterior port, which allows a high production density. Sowing and harvest time: 105 days a Number of plants / 10 m2 recommended: 7 to 10

Pumpkin Madero F1

It stands out from other varieties of its type (Anco) for the homogeneity in the shape and size of its fruits, which are optimal for packaging and marketing. In addition, its fruits have an excellent culinary quality, perceived by the consumer's senses. By sight you can detect the attractive strong orange color, for the taste, the excellent sweet taste that gives it the high content of sugars, for the touch the fibrous and juicy texture and for the smell its soft and pleasant aroma (Figure 1) . Excellent soups, purees and baked in slices or cubes are obtained. It also stands out for its high yield in the field that exceeds 50 t ha-1 and the low percentage of discarded fruit cracked, or outside the commercial type.